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So at VidCon I met Burnie Burns (from Rooster Teeth in case some of you don’t know — and if you don’t you need to). So here’s how it went down:


I was walking to Shane Dawson’s Q&A and I saw someone with glasses and thought, he looks kinda like Burnie.

Then the man, Burnie which I didn’t know for sure at the time, looked over at me and looked at my shirt and said, “Hey! Nice shirt!” 

And I was like dying on the inside but casually said some like, “Yes it is. Hi, Burnie.”

He walked over to me and said, “So you’re a big Vav or Gav fan?”

"Yeah, well I’m a fan of all of you."

"Unfortunately he couldn’t make it to VidCon this year." He held out his hand, "Burnie."


Then he walked over to my mom and held out his hand again,”I’m Burnie.”

My mom said, “Jessica.”

He looked back towards me, “So how’s VidCon been so far?”

"Other than screaming girls, fine."

"Yeah, it’s definitely a different convention than others. "

"Yes it is."

"Okay I have to head over to a panel or I’ll be late. Want a quick picture?"

"Are you still doing your meetup later?"

"Oh yeah! Just down there."

"Okay let’s get a quick picture."

So my mom took the picture and he said, “Okay I gotta go.”

"I’ll see you at the meet-up, Burnie. Bye."


He then went to his panel, which I totally would have gone to if it wasn’t an industry one. I turned to my mom and just went, “He’s literally the creator of the things I watch all day. I’m dying.”

Burnie is a really kind person and I’m so glad I had on my Vav shirt. I later saw him at his meetup. (Greg Miller, GameOverGreggy, tweeted a picture of the meetup Burnie did.)

He was telling stories constantly and was so kind to everyone and made sure that everyone was involved and not ignored. I asked him to sign my canvas I was having people sign and he did. I also asked for a hug and everyone went, “Awwwww.” He held his hand out and I shook it and he told me, “Thank you for sporting the Vav shirt.”

Basically, I met the person I wanted to meet the most. He was super cool and you can tell he likes to meet people that watch Rooster Teeth. Burnie made VidCon worth it. It was like talking to an old friend probably because I watch so many videos.

And that’s how I met Burnie Burns.

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